A contract error or omission is one of the five (5) most common causes for a dispute. It is mainly due to Oversight. Similarly, Oversight is one of the main reasons for the company to face many challenges such as loss of profit, overspending, loss, and damages.

Good Faith – Contract Audit Bureau – provides numerous Contract Auditing services during contract lifecycle to overcome such challenges. Good Faith audits, finds and prevents strategic, risk, contractual, scope, quantity, cost, time, and legal Oversights during procurement, tender, and contract formation, administration and termination.

Good Faith helps industries such as construction, energy, aerospace & defence, automotive & transportation, and heavy equipment. In addition, we help the individuals, who sign the contract for personal needs such as buying property and loan.

Our fee is generally based on the benefit we bring to the Contract Party (which is termed as “Save & Share” principle). Thus, there is no fee, if our Contract Auditing service did not bring any benefit. Further, our one of the Contract Auditing services can be tried out through Pilot Scheme, where the fee is nil.



Good Faith’s vision is to avoid disputes.


Good Faith’s mission is to help the company and individual to recognise and rectify their oversight and its consequences.


Good Faith’s values are integrity, avoid conflict of interest, keep confidentiality, fairness, collaborative, and quality service.


Good Faith – Contract Audit Bureau – Prevents the Oversights and Brings Incredible Benefits such as Maximising an Economic Entitlement and Profit, Saving the Cost, and Minimising the Conflicts and Disputes.


Good Faith understands the Contract Party’s aim; audits the protocol, document, data and the service; finds strategic, contractual, commercial, programme and legal oversights; and advises suitable solutions in accordance with the applicable standards, contract, and the Law by having the team of blessed and skilled forensics, analysers, engineers, lawyers, planners, quantity surveyors, accountants, document controller with aid of IT in good faith.