In reference to the Construction Contract, there is a conflict of understanding on whether or not an Offeree (e.g., Employer/Client) has a right to omit the item that stated/measured in the Bill of Quantity, but not shown in the drawing and/or specification ("Item").

An Offeror (e.g., Contractor) believes that the Offeree does not have the rights to omit the Item. On the other hand, the Offeree believes that it has the right. In reference to the legal principle (contra proferentem rule), Good Faith analysed and found that there are some instances Offeree has such right. Thus, the Offeror cannot merely say that the Offeree does not have such right.

Thus, Good Faith developed this web application to evaluate the Offeree's such right. Good Faith hopes that it would help the Parties to the Contract to resolve any such conflict immediately without leading to the dispute. Further, it would pave for the universal approach to such conflict/dispute.

The user should note that such right cannot be generalised for the particular Contract. Even if all the criteria are the same about the Contract, but particular Item's criteria may differ. Thus, the user should carefully input the Item's criteria (which the Offeree wish to omit).

Further, this web application is data driven. Thus, it can be used by Offferee or Offeror that does not affect the outcome.

Note: It can be used for free for 14 days, but certificate can be generated by valid paid user only.