LIFECYCLE PROCUREMENT TO CLOSE OUT The term “Contract” may suggest that the Contract Management Auditing is required upon forming the Contract.

However,the fact is that it is necessary from the beginning when the Contract Party decides to build / procure / tender the project.

Good Faith audits each stage of the lifecycle of the contract and avoids the oversights to maximise economic entitlement and minimise conflicts & disputes.


Contract lifecycle has four major stages such as strategy stage, formation stage, administration stage, and closeout stage, and various sub-stages. Each stages of the contract needs to be audited to avoid the oversight.

Good Faith’s Contract Management Auditing services are:

Audit Strategic Stage (Procurement Stage)

Audit Tendering Stage

Audit Negotiation Stage

Audit Contract Forming stage

Audit Contract Administration stage

Audit Contract Statement At Completion stage

Audit Contract Final Account stage

Audit Contract Defects Liability Stage

Audit Contract Decennial Liability Stage

It is recommended Good Faith to be engaged from stage one to all stages to have best economic benefit. We provide numerous Contract Management Auditing services according to the stages.