DOCUMENTS CONTRACT AUDITING The contract is all about documents such as invitation, objective, offer, acceptance, notice, instruction, cost, quantity, certificate, work, variation, claims, and dispute.

Good Faith audits the documents and avoids the oversights to maximise economic entitlement and minimise conflicts & disputes.


The Contract Party and its representative communicate a lot during the contract lifecycle by various forms of the documents and use various data. There is a possibility of oversighting the facts and information in the document. Good Faith audits each document to find and avoid the oversight.

Good Faith’s Contract Management Auditing services are:

Audit Objective

Audit Tender Documents

Audit Finalized Final Tender

Audit Tender Negotiation

Audit Letter of Acceptance

Audit Proposed Contract Documents

Audit Contract (Contract Documents)

Audit Quantity

Audit Instruction

Audit Notice

Audit Correspondence

Audit Document

Audit Scope of Works

Audit Payment

Audit Variation

Audit Claims

Audit Insurances

Audit Disputes

Audit Conflicts

Audit Programme

Audit Delay Damages

Audit Defects Liability Claims

Audit Decennial Liability Claims

Audit Change in Law

As Good Faith provides Contract Management Auditing services at various stages and numerous types according to the aim of the party, we can act on behalf of the party as wanted.