CONTRACT MANAGEMENT AUDITING The oversight can be in any form of contract elements such as strategy, risk, contract conditions, scope, quantum, cost, time, and legal.

Good Faith audits the contract element to avoid the oversight to maximise economic entitlement and minimise conflicts & disputes.


The Contract has various elements such as strategy, risk, scope, quantum, cost, time, contract conditions and legal. The oversight can be in specific contract element and/or impact of specific contract element in other contract elements. Good Faith audits each contract element in relation to other contract elements to find the oversights.

Our Contract Management Auditing services are:

Audit Strategy (Procurement Strategy)

Audit Risk

Audit Contract Conditions

Audit Scope

Audit Quantum

Audit Cost

Audit Time (Programme)

Audit Legal Compliance

As Good Faith provides Contract Management Auditing services at various stages and numerous types according to the aim of the party, we can act on behalf of the party as wanted.