Maximise Economic Entitlement & Profit Minimise Expenditure Minimise Conflicts & Disputes Avoid Loss & Damages Prevents the Oversight. Brings Incredible Benefit

The fact is that a contract error or omission is one of the five most common causes for a dispute.
It is mainly due to Oversight. The small Oversight can cause big loss.

Contract Auditing

Good Faith is the first private company in the globe specially formed to provide the Contract Auditing Services.

Energy Aerospace & Defence Automotive & Transportation Individual Needs Construction

Good Faith - Contract Audit Bureau - serves for company needs and personal needs.

Contract Auditing

The Oversight is one of the main reasons for the company to face many challenges
such as loss of profit, overspending, loss, damages, and disputes. Good Faith prevents from such challenges.

Tender Contract Formation Contract Administration Contract Termination Procurement Good Faith audits and prevents strategic, risk, contract, scope, programme, quantity, cost,
time, and legal Oversights.
Contract Auditing - Stages

The Oversight can be due to many reasons such as misunderstanding; wrong interpretation;
lack of coordination, resources, knowledge, experience, time, and commitment;
working pressure; multitasking; human error; and fraud.

Contract Elements Contract Challenges Documents Contract Lifycycle Good Faith - Contract Audit Bureau - performs numerous Contract Auditing Services. Contract Auditing The existence of the Oversight is quite evident from the ever-increasing conflicts and disputes. Arbitrator Expert & Negotiator Engineer (FIDIC) Neutral Party Advisor Good Faith services are mostly based on Save & Share fee principle (No fee, if no benefit is achieved). Role Identifying and preventing the Oversight is vital for the company (Contract Party) to avoid any challenges.
Thus, collaborating with Good Faith shall help you to prevent such challenges and bring incredible benefits.

Good Faith welcomes the contract party who feels need of oversight (supervision) to find oversights (mistakes) to save its economic and/or maximise its economic benefits.

“Decision is taken based on what is seen; Good Faith makes you to see all the oversights.”

The Founder