PROGRAMME EMPOWERING CONTRACT KNOWLEDGE Good Faith provides Contract Counsel Programme.

It is a prerequisite for the company to instil contract knowledge to everyone (not just the management team) who works / involves in the contract/project to achieve desired aim/profit.

Good Faith shall analyse Contract Party's PARTICULAR contract, and conduct counselling session with the PROJECT TEAM (from Project Manager to Document Controller/Secretary) to empower the contract knowledge.


This programme is applicable for the project team, not individual. Everyone is an expert in their profession. However, not everyone understands the complete contract requirement. Thus, the most relevant facts are Oversighted, and the Contract Party losses the rights and incurs loss/damages. It is vital for everyone involves in managing the contract to understand the complete contractual needs.

In construction, the commercial and/or contract person is responsible for the profit of the company. However, the company’s profit does not depend only on how much knowledge the commercial and/or contract person or its team possesses. It also depends on how much contract knowledge everyone who works in the project/contract has.

Although most of the contracts are based on standard forms such as FIDIC, ICE, and JCT, they are formed by amending such standards in the construction industry. Thus, every contract is unique. Therefore, the project team needs to understand the PARTICULAR contract.

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